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Custom Classes

Whether you are a beginner, advanced, in between, or nearly native and looking to maintain your English level, I am a professional English instructor and I want to help you reach your language learning goals!


 I have taught professional English in the Augsburg/ Munich region for nearly 7 years. I have taught at companies within various industries like MAN, SGL, Airbus, and Linde, as well as many private classes and courses for smaller businesses. Since 2013, I have been lecturer at the University of Augsburg for Business English courses. The 7 years I’ve spent teaching here in Germany have given me many unique insights into the specific challenges that Germans have with learning English. I know exactly where the “problem areas” are and how to fix them in a fun and interesting way!



Whatever your English needs, I can design fun, challenging, and highly-tailored programs to improve your professional speaking, listening,    and writing skills!



 I give high-quality, personalized, and professional English lessons. My prices are very competitive and reflect the quality of my work.


For intensive one-on-one instruction, I typically charge between 50-60 Euros per hour, but rates vary depending on location, class size, and materials required. Rates are quoted in Units (45 minutes each) and each lesson must be a minimum of 2 units. Most of my classes are held "on-site", meaning I come to you or your office!


Send me an email for more details about prices. My lessons are personalized and so are my prices!


Teaching Philosophy

The best way to learn English is to learn relevant language in an interactive and engaging environment and to enjoy the process!


The name of this site came about in an accidental way, and is a play on many words. I think it shows a little of the "spirit" of my lessons: B-Rad English.

One of my nicknames back home in California was B-Rad, pronounced: Be Rad!, which is a play on my last name: Bradley, and is also a sentence which uses a California slang word: Rad(ical)
Which, put together, means something like:


Be Awesome! Be wonderful! Be Amazing!


Well I want you to be awesome at English. I want you to be better. I want you to Be Rad!


Then I thought about the German word: Rad which means bike. And I thought about how many places you can go with a bike, how flexible and free you are. With better English skills, you can go anywhere in the world... language will never be a barrier for you again!


Lastly, I fix b(r)ad English. This one is just silly, but it made me laugh. So there it is. 

Fixing bad English is my profession and my passion.


I look forward to working with you, so that you can start going places with English...

Be Rad!!!! :)